Duties of a Community Association Manager

Duties of a Community Association Manager

In Utah, over 27% of our homes are in HOAs.

If you're one of these HOA members, you may be wondering why your community isn't giving you what you need. HOAs are supposed to offer a variety of perks, from community maintenance and high property values to community-wide amenities, like parks and trails.

You shouldn't wonder why you're paying HOA dues or where the money is going. If you are, it's time to think about hiring a community association management company. Today, we'll explain what community management does, so keep reading and see how their services will benefit your HOA.

Accounting Duties

Every HOA member in every HOA pays monthly dues, which are pooled together to pay for things like maintenance, repairs, and future projects. In a normal HOA, collecting dues and budgeting falls under the purview of the community treasurer.

The problem with most communities is that their treasurers have no accounting experience. This can quickly lead to financial mismanagement, lower property values, and higher monthly due amounts.

When a community manager enters the picture, they bring with them experienced accounting professionals. These people will perform bookkeeping and budgeting duties to ensure the books are balanced and homeowner fees are as low as possible.

Rules and Regulations

Every community has its own set of governing documents. These are rules and regulations that all homeowners must live by in the community. The idea is to create uniformity, which helps boost property values and keep the community happy.

With dozens of homeowners under the same set of rules, you'll always have issues here and there. Problems arise when volunteer board members attempt to enforce the rules. It creates an uncomfortable power dynamic that disrupts the harmony in the community.

An association manager can act as an impartial third party. They'll use this stance to issue penalties to bad actors and diffuse conflicts between homeowners.

Vendor Coordination

Community maintenance is an important part of HOA living. When you pay your dues, you should get things like garbage removal, street cleaning, and landscaping in return. If you don't have organized leadership, these things will come sporadically at best.

In hiring HOA management, you get built-in vendor relationships. Vendor coordination is always a priority and whatever the community needs, a great local vendor will be a call away.

Running HOA Meetings

HOA meetings bring the entire community together to discuss important matters. These matters might include amendments to governing documents or new building projects. For these meetings to be effective, you need good leadership.

Community managers have experience running such meetings. They'll ensure that all voices are heard. Once the community decides on a particular matter, they'll ensure that their wishes are carried out.

Get the Best Community Association Management Company in Layton

These are a few of the many perks of hiring a community association management company. If you want the best for your Layton HOA, you need the best community manager. PMI Home Team is the right HOA manager, offering all of the services mentioned here.

To learn how we can help your Layton, UT community thrive, contact us today for more information.